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There’s Entertainment For Everybody with the AzamTV Box. Enjoy premiere movies from around the world, sports, entertainment, kids and news. All available at the comfort of your home. It’s easy to use, small and sleek, but has bags of features. You can record your favorite programs and catch your favorite games in full high definition quality.


Front of this exquisite AzamTV HD Box will display the channel number, a standby green light and a signal locked orange light when powered on.


The back has inputs and outputs of the Set Top Box. LNB IN is where the satellite coaxial cable goes into the Set Top Box. Loop Out is for an extra Set Top Box using the same LNB.


USB Port is an input for a USB Flash device.. HDMI port for HDMI cable to your TV Set. AV (Audio/Video) Outputs – White and Red for Sound and Yellow for Video. Power port for the Set Top Boxes' adapter.

Setting Up

Follow the diagram when connecting Set Top Box to a television or other appliances and ensure proper connection.


STANDBY: For Setting the Set Top Box standby
REC: Record the programme playing right now
MUTE: Turn audio on or off
PAGE: Move the channel list page up or down
TV/RADIO: Switch between TV and Radio
AUDIO: Switch between left, right or stereo
0-9: Select channel directly with corresponding channel number
EPG: 7 days programme guide for the current channel
BACK: Return to previous menu
MENU: Shortcut to main menu
EXIT: Exit to the preview menu
CH updown: Move up or down to change channel

VOL volume: Decrease or increase the volume
OK: Enter OK list / confirm current selectionUSB: Open the contents directory of a connected U-key
MEDIA: Enter media playing menu
TIMESHIFT: Reserved for future application
FAV: Shortcut to favorite list
Arrow key: Fast Forward, fast backward playpausestop Play / Pause / Stop
MAIL: Open mail inbox
Color Keys: Function Key
MY ACT / HELP / TIMER: Reserved for future application
INFO: Display information about the current channel


Setting up 

Follow the diagram when connecting Set Top Box to a television or other appliances and ensure proper connection.

Power on the Set Top Box. An Auto Program menu appears to prompt you to scan all available channels in your area.

Press [OK] Button and the box will begin searching for TV and radio programmes.

After auto scanning of all available channels the box will auto play the first scanned channel.

If Set Top Box has been reset to default factory settings, the system will prompt you to search channels again.

Main Menu

Press the [Menu] button on your remote control to enter Main Menuupdownto choose the functions.

The chosen function will be highlighted. Press the [OK] button and the corresponding sub-menu will be displayed. Press the [EXIT] button to return to Main Menu.

Channel List

Press Ok to access the AzamTV Channel List. To access Other TV Channel list or Radio Channels, press OK followed by the Right Arrow Key.

Press the EPG Button on your remote control to access the Extended Program Guide.

If the cursor is located in the Channel list, just press [OK] button to jump into the Event List on the lower part of your screen.

The EPG provides a preview of the program information for 1 week (7 days).

Press the Right Arrow to switch to the other days schedule. Use the Down/Up Arrow button to select a program. Press OK key to setup a reminder on a particular program.

For decoder information, please go to: Main Menu > System > System Info.

The screen will display information about the decoder, including Serial Number, Card ID, H/W version, software version and download date.

Factory Default

Please go to: Main Menu > System > Factory Default.

All settings and information, including channel data, will be replaced by default setting. As a precaution, you need to re-confirm in the pop-up window.

Channel Management

For Channel Management, please go to; Main Menu > System > Channel Manage.

Here, you can set favourites, lock, hide and move channels.
Highlight the desired channel and press [OK] button to add it to your Favourites List.
An icon next to the program title indicates the favourite status. Pres the [OK] button to remove it.

Lock (Parental Guidance)

You will first need to know your password. Default password is 0000 but you have the option to change this to a 4 number PIN you can easily remember by pressing Menu, go to system and press OK.
Press OK on Parameter Set and go to Password Setting. Press OK and follow the prompts.

Once you are satisfied with your new password, you can then set parental control. Press Menu, go to Digital TV and press OK. Go to Channel Manager and press OK. Scroll to the channel you want and press Lock (the yellow button).

PVR Function

You can play a recorded video from the Set Top Box or any other supported format video (MP4, MPG, VOB, TS, FLV, MKV) by using a USB Flash drive inserted at the back of the Set Top Box. You can also play music and browse through your pictures.

Recording (Confirm you USB Flash drive has been connected and has enough space)>

You can record a program whilst watching it on TV, and rewind / forward the recorded program. REC - Recording begins. If you press REC again, recording will STOP.

Playing Video

Main Menu > Media > Video Play

Back - Back to Timeshift menu.You can play PVR anytime as you like;

Pause - Pause or play PVR video;

Forward/Rewind. Press to select speed (x2, x4, x8, x16, x32);

Volume - Volume adjustment.

Multimedia Function

Playing Music:
Main Menu > Media > Music Play

Same Operation as PVR function. Supported audio format: MP3, OGG, WMA, ACC

Photo Play:
Main Menu > Media > Photo Play

Supported picture format: JPG, BMP, PNG

File Manager: Manages your file in the USB Flash drive


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